peachey & Mosig

multi channel live
audio-visual performance

New Mountain is an exploratory gathering of sound and moving image that celebrates the centrality of the sense experience amidst threads of deep time. A poetic multi-channel video presentation lets the audience drift between cinematic visual moments that map physical and emotional terrain. A captivating live soundtrack from some of Australia’s most accomplished sound artists shifts from deep atmospheric echoes of the cosmos, through haunting resonant reflections of the landscape, to the dense electrical chaos of the machine age.

with Gail Priest
with chris caines
with ben ward
with tilman robinson

Peachey & Mosig

Gail Priest

Chris Caines

Ben Ward

Tilman Robinson

Documentation of New Mountain performace

Tilman Robinson

Tilman Robinson is a composer, producer and sound designer. He creates maximalist electro-acoustic and dark ambient music drawing on a wide range of genres. Tilman’s diverse output focuses on the psychological impact of dense sound incorporating acousmatics and psychoacoustic principles. Tilman has received major work commissions from genre diverse sources and accolades including nominations for the Melbourne Prize in 2016 & 2019. From 2019-21 he was the Artistic Associate of Australian experimental music group, Speak Percussion. He has released three solo albums including CULTURECIDE on Icelandic label Bedroom Community. It was described by The Wire “...there’s a lingering sense of bleak romanticism here, a deliberate and human design that leaves the natural world as a beautiful and separate image.” The Wire, on Culturcide.